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4 small rattles
Rattles made to order in several sizes can be used for journeying - space clearing - calling in the animal spirits or making music. Using rawhide for the head and filled with small stones from the sea for a loud sound or a mixture of glass beads and small crystals, for a gentler one, like my drums though each one has it's own unique sound. These rattles have fine strong handles made from a variety of wood all gathered locally and can be decorated with soft leather tassles - beads - bells and/or feathers and designs on the wood enhanced with a pyrograph.
Prices  from £22
Feathered Rattle                             Mea Mama rattle      


web rattle

                 turtle rattle2011                             4 directions rattle



                                    Many people have asked me for rattles in the shape of their power animals                           


            dolphin rattle        Siberian white tiger rattle        horse rattle          
 snowy owl        eagle rattle       Buffalo  
















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